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Which Herbal Juice Can Cure Kidney Cyst in Polycystic Kidney Disease

2017-01-03 11:25

Which Herbal Juice Can Cure Kidney Cyst in Polycystic Kidney DiseaseChinese natural herbal medical treatment attracts more and more attention on reducing kidney cysts in Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Paients may wonder which herbal medication can reduce cyst effectively.

The Maikang Mixture in Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital China has an advanced effect on improving your blood circulation system and shrink the cysts in PKD. The most important thing and advantage is that there is no effect in taking the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What is Maikang Mixture

Maikang Mixture is the unique medicine in Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital. It has a significant effect on improving blood circulation, it is widely used in CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), and it is also suitable for PKD. With the change of your blood circulation system, the condition of your kidney is improved, then the fluid in cyst will be eliminated slowly.

The main ingredients

Auricularian, chrysanthemum, loofah, 16 kinds of amino acids, many kinds of active enzyme, adenosine polypeptide and other active substances, 6 vitamins and 10 kinds of trace elements etc.

How to use Maikang Mixture

Take orally, 40 ml each time and 2 times a day. It is required that taking the medicine before meals. If needed, the doctor will change the does according to your specific condition. Increase or decrease the dosage by youself are not suposed.

After several weeks, your cysts and body condition will be changed specificly.

The Maikang Mixture has been used for many years, and the patients who have take it in trating their kidney disease and improveing their condition all approve its benifit and advantages.

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