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Can Corn Silk Tea Treat Kidney Disease

2018-12-01 03:34

Can Corn Silk Tea Treat Kidney DiseaseCan corn silk tea treat kidney diseases? Some patients said it is helpful for their condition, while some said it is not. Then what the truth is? In this article, our renal experts will give you a definite answer.

1. There is no definitive evidence that corn silk has that much effect, or that it can treat kidney disease.

The corn silk is the style and stigma of the corn. It is one of the traditional Chinese medicinal materials with a long history in China. Over the past several thousand years, hundreds of methods of food therapy based on corn silk have been developed.

Many researchers have done some experimental research on corn silk, and isolated many components, such as flavonoids and their glycosides, sterols, alkaloids, sugars, trace elements and multivitamins. After researchers isolated the active ingredients and then treated the cells or carried out experiments on mice, the conclusion is the stigma of valley contains large amounts of potassium nitrate, vitamin K, sterol, bean sterols and a volatile alkaloid, diuresis, strengthening heart, appetizing, smooth wheezing, antihypertensive, hypoglycemic, cholagogue function, hemostatic, antibacterial, enhancing immunity, anti-cancer and other role.

But after the corn silk is taken into stomach, is there any use? If yes, what dose should be used? These all require further clinical trials. However, there are no further trials yet.

Here we can not say that eating corn silk is not beneficial, but to say that there is no conclusive evidence to prove.

2. Considering that corn silk is a dietary therapy, it is relatively safe and does not cause harm, so kidney patients can take it.

Corn silk is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, but more is regarded as a kind of diet therapy. Currently there is no research that corn silk will do harm, it is relatively safe, so you can put it as adjuvant treatment for kidney disease or other various diseases. Note: do not try some other drugs, folk prescription, health care products and so on without the instruction of doctors.

How do you actually eat corn silk?

Take 50 g of dried corn silk, 600 ml of heated water, and decoct them with gentle fire for 20-30 minutes to acquire about 300-400 ml of decoction. After filtration, take corn silk tea orally and finish it once a day or in fractions.

3. Try corn silk on the premise that it does not interfere with your doctor's regular treatment.

For some patients, they see corn silk can eliminate swelling and proteinuria, so they stop the medicines doctor prescribed. The result is that proteinuria and swelling become worse. Corn silk can only be used adjuvant treatment, so do not replace it with your current medical treatment.

All in all, kidney patients can take corn silk tea, but do not affect the regular treatment. Note: the above information is just for educational purposes. For specific treatment suggestions, please consult a physician.

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