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Over Exercise Cause Kidney Failure? Watch Out When Exercise

2017-07-03 09:12

Over Exercise Cause Kidney Failure? Watch Out When Exercise

With the development of the technology, people do more brain work, less physical work. The convenience of transportation makes persons drive even in a not so far distance. Even in weekends, there are few to do exercise, stay at home, living on take-out and WiFi. The less exercise you do, the less exercise you can do.

Mr. Luo, living in Wuhan City, felt back pain in several days, and then, nausea started, his urine frequency and volume reduced, and color changed deeper. Due to the work pressure, he ignored and not went to hospital. Until yesterday, edema occurred in his face, tired and fatigue made him lack of energy to work. He was terrified and thought does it related to the running several days earlier? The more he thought it, the more fear he was. Then went to hospital for physical examination. After a serious examinations, he was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis and caused acute kidney failure.

Let’s get back to June 15, this day is a week after he and his girl friend on quarrel. So, to win her forgiveness, he run a 3 kilometer distance to apologies. Girl saw his activity and forgave him.

Why running causes kidney failure?

When over exercise cause rhabdomylosis, the muscle hemoglobin will dissolved into blood and then eliminated through kidneys. While some big muscle hemoglobin can not be eliminated through urine and block the tubules, then cause kidney damage.

What should we do when exercise?

Many people knows that long distance running can affect heart, but seldom pay the damage in kidneys. Systematic trained athletes have a better kidney function, and their kidneys have a better self-repair function. But for normal people, if over exercise and find blood urine, tea color urine, deep brown urine, go to hospital for further examinations and professional treatment.

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