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Attention! Do not Be Cheated with This Three Gossip

2017-07-05 08:57

Attention! Do not Be Cheated with This Three Gossip

Many kidney disease patients may ask their doctor that weather we can use steroid based medicine? will my kidney disease develop into uremia? How long will it take to uremia?

1. Steroid medicine?

Some patients do not have to use steroid medicine, such as 24 hour protein urine less than 1g, chronic interstitial nephritis, invalid medicine after 4 weeks using.

So, it is a clear message that not every kidney disease need steroid medicine.

2. Will kidney disease develop into uremia?

Those kidney diseases which develop into uremia is uncontrolled, with serious complications, and lack of self management one. There are many patients once they feel better, they ignore the doctor’s words and reduce medicines on their own, and stay up late, eat what they want. If living in this way, even you have no kidney disease, you will have one, let along kidney disease patients. So, following doctor’s direction and do what is necessary without any delay.

3. Transplant?

It is the last choice for kidney disease patients, and most used in kidney failure stage with severe complications which include heart disease, blood vessel disease, and sometime immune system disorder. There is dialysis left for you. And sometimes, combined with natural treatment, Toxin-Removing Therapy, maybe you can get rid of dialysis and your creatinine level can be controlled in a safe level.

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