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Five Bad Habit Can Lead to Kidney Failure Easily

2017-07-08 08:57

Five Bad Habit Can Lead to Kidney Failure Easily

Due to there are no sign in early stage kidney disease, kidney disease is called as silent killer. But kidney disease is not unpreventable. If you can realize the early stage signs and avoid further damage, kidney disease can hardly develop into kidney failure stage.

Too less water ingestion

About water ingestion, most people think they drink enough, and when they did not ingest water in a day, they can not feel anything. Well, there we have to make it clear that you may not drink water directly, but think about it, how many fluids have you intake that day? Maybe one day lack of fluid, you can feel nothing, but for a long term habit, you may suffer from kidney shrink. And, toxins which include metabolism produced by muscle will be eliminated through urine. If you lack of water for a long time, toxins will build up in your blood and cause kidney damage.

Bad diet habit

As living standards rise, diet contains less cereals and but meat which disturb the diet balance. When we put various unhealthy food into our mouse and tease their delicious, our kidneys are overworking and then, as a long term result, high blood fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar will occur and worse the kidney condition.

Drug abuse

Most medicines are eliminated through kidneys. So, like liver and other organs, kidneys are easy to get infection. There are some medicine that can cause kidney damages:

1. Anti-biotic medicine. Gentamicin, cefradine and etc;

2. Tumor chemotherapeutic drug. cis-platinum complexes, amethopterin;

3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic. Ibuprofen, paracetamol;

4. Others. antiepileptic (drug), anaesthetic, metal complexing agent.

So, taking medicine with professional doctor’s direction and never change dosage without permission.

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