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Following These Three Tips, Kidney Patients Can Live A Normal Life

2017-09-20 10:00

Following These Three Tips, Kidney Patients Can Live A Normal Life

Most patients believe that taking medicine will exterminate diseases, repair kidney tissue and then live in a absolute normal life. Actually, no medicine can achieve that.

Real procedure of treating kidney disease is everydayness: taking steroid medicine to control protein urine, using anti-inflammation drugs to improve blood occult, ACEI and RBE to reduce high blood pressure, applying pills to manage high blood sugar, diuretics for swelling and toxin-removing medicine to eliminate serum creatinine; if they don’t work, dialysis is the final method. This is the present procedure in treating kidney diseases, medicines are used basically to releasing complications.

Not only nephropathy, but plenty of diseases, there is no cure. Take cold or flu for example, it is caused of bacteria. We believe medicine can cure it, however, they only release the complications such as cough, fever and rhinorrhea, these viruses are destroyed by body immune system. So as chronic kidney disease, no matter medicine or therapy are used to release complications, but for these damaged kidney tissue, there is no way to improve or repair.

If you want to cure kidney disease, we are sorry about it, we have no way to do that.

Then, what’s the meaning of the treatment we use?

Yes, it has meaning. It can help us improve kidney condition, slow down the progression of complications, get as normal as we can. To achieve these, we have to keep a positive attitude toward it and keep up with doctors.

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