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Is There Any Way to Stop PKD Stage 3 Worsening

2018-08-09 07:36

Hello. I found out from a routine scan that I had polycystic kidneys. I am in stage 3, and kidney function is 35%. My plan is to improve my kidney function and reverse the damage or at least stop it worsening. Could you help me?

Answer :

Is There Any Way to Stop PKD Stage 3 Worsening

Polycystic kidney is a kind of hereditary disease. And at present, there is no good method to remove the cysts completely all through the world. For this kind of disease, the kidneys are filled with multiple large and small cysts. These cysts can grow with time and gradually cause pressure and damage to the kidney. And finally the kidney functions can’t maintain the normal life and it develops to End-stage of kidney failure. Thus it can be seen that the key point of treating Polycystic kidney disease is to shrink the cysts on the basic of protecting the kidney functions, to reduce the pressure of the kidney and avoid the influence on the kidney functions.

Our hospital mainly adopts Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat Polycystic kidney disease which focuses on restraining the growth of the cysts. The characteristics of this method are as follows:

1. The medicines can inactivate the epithelial cell of the cyst to restrain the secretion of the cyst fluid and stop its growing

2. Increase the discharge of the cyst fluid, strengthen the permeability of the cyst surface so as to accelerate the discharge of the cyst fluid and make the cyst shrink.

By the above two ways, the cysts can be kept restraint and not to cause problems of the kidneys. So the Chinese medicine can treat Polycystic kidney disease very well and effectively. And for PKD, it is important to treat it early or, if the patients just wait when creatinine increases, or kidney function affected, the condition will deteriorate quickly. Control the growth of the cysts in the early stage so the patients can live normally. Now you in stage 3, it is possible to restore a portion of renal function to keep dialysis far away.

Is there any way to stop PKD stage 3 worsening? Yes, there is. The above information is very general. If you would like to get detailed information, you can send a copy of your lab report to Our renal experts will help you analyze it and then give you personalized guidance.

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