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How to Eat High Quality Protein Correctly for Kidney Patients

2019-02-13 17:45

How to Eat High Quality Protein Correctly for Kidney PatientsKidney patients are often suggested to take high quality protein. What is high quality protein? How to eat it correctly? Read on to learn more information.

First of all, what is a high quality protein?

Chicken, fish, eggs, milk, soybeans and their products are better quality proteins; pork, beef, mutton and other animal meat, also known as red meat, are worse high quality proteins. Of course, they are all high-quality proteins that can be eaten.

How to eat high quality protein correctly for kidney patients?

-For kidney patients with normal kidney function

Eat 0.8-1g/kg protein. We calculate it by 1g. A 60-kilogram patient eats 60 g of protein a day, half of which is high-quality protein: 30 g.

The protein content of lean pork is about 1/5, that is, 150g. The protein content of beef and mutton is slightly higher than that of pork, accounting for 1/4, that is, 120g beef and mutton.

However, don't just eat pork, beef and mutton. We encourage kidney patients to eat eggs, fish, soy products and milk instead of some pork, cotton and beef to make them healthier. 50g or 100 g of red meat is ok, accounting for half of the high quality protein.

The remaining half, 15 grams of high-quality protein, can choose eggs, soy products and milk. One egg contains about 7 grams of protein, one cup of 200 ml milk contains about 6 grams of protein, and 50g or 100g of soybean products contain about 18 grams of protein.

The protein you can eat is about 50g-100g lean meat + 2 eggs. Two eggs can be exchanged for two cups of milk or 50g beans, which can be matched according to preferences.

-For kidney patients with declined kidney function

In patients with high serum creatinine, 0.6-0.8g/kg protein is recommended. It is about a quarter less than the above. Reduce by one egg or by 25g or 50g of lean meats.

Some patients with renal failure hear that protein consumption increases the burden of the kidney, so they dare not eat meat, and they don't touch any high-protein food. But malnutrition is more harmful than overnutrition. Insufficient intake of protein and meat will increase the risk of infection and anemia. Not only is acute renal failure prone to occur, organs are damaged all over the body. As there are many malnourished patients with renal failure, in recent years, the development of nephronutrition tends to improve malnutrition.

For hemodialysis patients, protein gets lost during dialysis, so it is unnecessary to reduce protein intake, and the amount of protein intake is the same with patients with normal kidney function.

Now do you know how to eat high quality protein correctly for kidney patients? For more information on kidney disease diet and treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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