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High Creatinine Levels & Kidney Disease

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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High Creatinine Levels

Most often, patients with PKD are tested high serum creatinine by age 40-50. Elevated creatinine level is an alarm of a heavy loss of kidney function. > High Creatinine Levels >

Blood creatinine is high. Will renal insufficiency lead to uremia?

Renal examination generally shows that the increase of creatinine basically progresses to the stage of renal insufficiency, that is, stage 3 of nephropathy. Many patients believe that renal function injury can not be recovered. After stage...Read More

Is It OK to Do Blood Transfusion with High Creatinine

High creatinine level often goes together with Kidney Failure. And kidney failure can cause various symptoms and complications, such as anemia. Is it OK to do blood transfusion with high creatinine? Go on reading to learn more information....Read More

Remedies for High Creatinine 7

Question: My father has creatinine level 7. Please suggest remedies. Answer: High creatinine level results from severe kidney damage. Do you know what causes his kidney damage? Only when we find out the root cause can we treat the disease t...Read More

Do Saunas Decrease Creatinine Levels

We all know that sauna bathing is helpful for flushing toxins from body. Creatinine is a kind of waste product. Then do saunas decrease creatinine levels? That is true that saunas help remove toxins from body. Because when you take sauna ba...Read More

4 Ways to Lower High Creatinine Level

Now my creatinine level has been over 300, how to reduce it? Will it progress into uremia after creatinine level goes up? In nephrology, such problems are very common. Some time ago, Plos medicine published a survey on the prognosis of pati...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine Level Correctly

Clinically, creatinine level is often regarded as an indicator of renal function, so patients often care too much about it. How to lower creatinine level correctly? How to prevent it from increasing? In this article, lets have a quick look....Read More

Two Principles for Lowering Creatinine Level and Avoid Kidney Failure

Clinically, creatinine is often seen as an indicator of kidney disease deterioration. At this time, not only creatinine, but also urea, uric acid, blood lipid and other wastes build up in the blood, which can cause further kidney damage, le...Read More

Under 6 Kinds of Conditions, Elevation of Creatinine Is Reversible

Serum creatinine is an important indicator of renal function, and an increase in creatinine means that kidney function has been damaged by more than 50%. How to reduce creatinine and prevent the further deterioration of renal function? This...Read More

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