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Blood creatinine is high. Will renal insufficiency lead to uremia?

2021-12-08 13:46

Blood creatinine is high. Will renal insufficiency lead to uremia?Renal examination generally shows that the increase of creatinine basically progresses to the stage of renal insufficiency, that is, stage 3 of nephropathy. Many patients believe that renal function injury can not be recovered. After stage 3 of nephropathy, that is, uremia sooner or later. In fact, in terms of time and disease development speed, the probability of stage 3 nephropathy developing into uremia is not very large.

First of all, in the stage of renal insufficiency, the kidney still has a certain degree of compensation and room for recovery. The prognosis of most patients is good after active treatment, most of them can be stable, and a few have different degrees of progress. In the third stage of nephropathy, the prevention of renal insufficiency and the timely repair of renal cells are the key.

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