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Can Kidney Cyst 4.7*3.8cm Be Reversed with Natural Therapy

2017-02-06 08:41

Can Kidney Cyst 4.7*3.8cm Be Reversed with Natural TherapyKidney structural disorder can cause kidney cysts. Different to genetic disorder polycystic kidney disease, it can be reversed easily. Can kidney cysts be reversed with natural therapy?

Kidney cysts is a structural disorder. With the cyst enlarged, they will cause further damage to the kidney and the tissue around them, such as inflammation, back pain, hematuria and so on. When the cyst less than 5.0*5.0 cm is hardly harmful. In this stage, medicine can be used to control the growing of the cyst. But the long term of medicine can cause side-effect and burden the kidney. Is there any therapy that can shrink the cyst without side-effect? Natural therapy has the advantage of no side-effects, but which can do this?

The hot compress therapy can achieve the goal of shrinking the cyst and repair the damaged tissue in kidney and around it. Hot compress therapy, which plays an important role in Traditional Chinese Medical Treatments, has a superior effect in treating kidney disease. With two to three times per day compress with Chinese Medicines on bilateral Shenshu Acupoints(BL23), it can shrink the cysts through dilating the blood vessels, promoting the local metabolism, increasing the urine volume and repairing the damaged kidney tissues. The short course is 7 days and the long course is 49 days. It also has the benefits of stabilizing the blood pressure, releasing the skin itching and pain, improving symptoms in the digestive tract and stimulating the appetite and improving anemia etc.

Hot compress therapy is easy to learn, patients can do this therapy at home. But there are something should pay attention to:

Controlling the temperature carefully to avoid hurting the skin.

Do not oral take the medical soup in this therapy, it can hurt your digestive tract.

If you want to know more information about kidney cysts, you can consult the online doctor for direct help. E-mail address is also available.

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