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Renal Cyst Causes

Learning About Kidney Cyst Basic Information, especially its cause, can help your doctor to find the proper treatment. > Kidney Cyst > Kidney Cyst Overview >

Prominent Parapelvic Right Renal Cyst and a Small Cortical Cyst

Kidney cyst is a fluid-filled pouch that can form in any parts of the kidneys. They are named after their location of kidneys. Prominent parapelvic right renal cyst and a small cortical cyst are both common types of kidney cyst. However, if...Read More

25 mm Renal Cortical Cyst: Can It Be Cancerous

Renal cortical cyst is a very common type kidney cyst. Since it forms in the cortex of the kidney, it is called renal cortical cyst. Can 25 mm renal cortical cyst be cancerous? In clinic, there is a method to divide the kidney cyst into fiv...Read More

Are Complex Cysts on Right Kidneys Serious

There are two types: Simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. The difference between them are the shape of walls and internal structure. Are complex cysts on right kidneys serious? Complex kidney cysts Complex kidney cysts are always fou...Read More

Does Cyst Effect Type 2 Diabetes

Kidney cyst and diabetes are two independent disease. In rare cases, they will affect each other. A small or simple kidney cyst wont affect type 2 diabetes. However, both cyst and type 2 diabetes can cause kidney damage. How does cyst damag...Read More

What Is the Best to Do for Bosniak 1 Renal Cortical Cyst

Renal cortical cyst is a very common type of kidney cyst. It forms on the cortex of the kidney. You can see one or several renal cortical cysts, which may be benign or damage the kidneys. What is the best to do for Bosniak renal cortical cy...Read More

6.4cm Exophytic Left Renal Cyst: Should I Be Worried

Exactly what is an exophytic renal cyst? It is a cyst that grows from the inside-out region of kidneys. It is filled with fluid and can grow very large. If you have 6.4 cm exophytic left renal cyst, you should be worried. Possible symptoms...Read More

Will Cortical Cyst Affect the Function of Kidney

Cortical cyst is a common type of kidney cyst among people over 50 years old. It is a round sac filled with fluid. One or several cysts can be found on the kidneys. Will cortical cyst affect the function of kidney? Get facts on renal cortic...Read More

A Small Cyst Is Noted at Mid Pole of Left Kidney with Calcification

About half of people older than 50 may be found with one or several kidney cysts. It is not rare that the kidney cyst forms at mid pole of left kidney with calcification. What is the condition? Is it serious? What should you do to deal with...Read More

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