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Renal Cyst Causes

Learning About Kidney Cyst Basic Information, especially its cause, can help your doctor to find the proper treatment. > Kidney Cyst > Kidney Cyst Overview >

Renal Parapelvic Cyst Measuring 11*13mm: Is This Dangerous

A kidney cyst is a round pouches of fluid that form in the kidneys. It can be seen under ultrasound or MRI. Parapelvic cysts of the kidneys are simple renal cysts, which are adjacent to the renal pelvis or the renal sinus. If the cyst measu...Read More

Renal Cortical Cyst 2.0*1.9 cm With Thin Internal Septation

Renal cortical cyst may be the most common type of kidney cyst. The internal septation has great significance to the prognosis of kidney cyst. 2.0*1.9 cm renal cortical cyst with thin internal septation should draw your concern. What does r...Read More

71-year Old, a Few Kidney Cysts, Biggest Size 1.5 cm: Should I Be Worried

Kidney cyst is a common phenomenon among people who are above 50 years old. For people who are 71 years old, they can be diagnosed with one or several kidney cysts. If the size of kidney cyst is 1.5 cm, should it be worried by people? Possi...Read More

Where Does the Pressure Causing Kidney Cyst Burst Come From

As you know, kidney cyst will grow with age and can rupture when it expands too large. Some other factors can also put pressure on kidney cyst and cause it to rupture. Well them , where does the pressure come from? Causes of kidney cyst rup...Read More

20x20 mm Cyst in the Upper Pole of Left Kidney

Kidney cyst is a common lesion that can be found in many parts of the kidneys. 20x20 mm renal cyst in the upper pole of left kidney is a not so big, but can sometimes cause problems. Lets take a look at. Any questions, please email to pkdcl...Read More

How Does the Size of Kidney Cysts Grow Fast or Slow

As you know kidney cyst will grow with age, but can also be affected by many other factors. How does the size of kidney cyst grow fast or slow? In other words, what are the cause and prevention for kidney cyst growth? Here is a brief introd...Read More

Can the Cortical Cyst Turn out to Be Cancerous

Cortical kidney cysts are one type of renal cyst that becomes more common as people grow older. Although it is rare fro a begin renal cortical cyst to turn cancerous, treatments are necessary for preventing more serious symptoms. Before I i...Read More

Renal Cortical Cyst of 18.3 mm With Wall Calcification

Renal cortical cyst of 18.3 mm is a little large that can cause some symptoms and cause kidney damage. Wall calcification may be very thick in 18.3 mm kidney cyst. How to deal with that situation? Why does kidney cyst have wall calcificatio...Read More

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