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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

Kidney Cyst Symptoms

Generally speaking, there are no obvious cyst on kidney symptoms, but when the diameter of cysts achieves 3cm, symptoms of kidney cyst may appear. > Kidney Cyst > Kidney Cyst Symptoms >

Shrink Kidney Cysts with Toxin-Removing Therapy: Natural Treatment for PKD

PKD is a genetic disorder that cause multiple cysts, sacs also, with fluids or air grow in kidneys. With the development of the kidney disease, cysts can enlarge and cause other complications in kidneys. Here we suggest you a natural treatm...Read More

PKD and Foamy Urine: What Treatment Can Be Used

Foamy urine, protein in urine, and the most clear sign and also the most easily ignored sign of kidney disease. Which treatment can help release the foamy urine in PKD? At first, PKD is a genetic disorder that cause multiple kidney cysts wi...Read More

Kidney Stone and Natural Remedy: How to Deal with That

Kidney stone (renal lithiasis, nephrolithiasis) is a complication that related to physical condition. And, it is closely related to kidney cysts patients which include simple kidney cysts and Polycystic Kidney Disease. Here comes a question...Read More

Release Foamy Urine in Polycystic Kidney Disease without Steroid Medicine

Foamy urine is caused by damaged tubules which is major in filtrating fluids in body. Which treatment can be used in this condition and repair the damaged kidney tubules? Foamy urine refers to there is so much foam in urine and can not disa...Read More

Shrink Kidney Cysts with Natural Treatment via Toxin-Removing Therapy

Kidney cysts is a structural disorder that in early stage causes no complications and doesnt interfere with you kidney function, but when it gets enlarged, medical treatment is necessary. Which treatment can help shrink the kidney cysts wit...Read More

Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder that multiple cysts with fluids grow in kidneys and cause kidney enlargement. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is based on TCM and it has overcome the main disadvantage of TCM and it...Read More

Avoid Back Pain in Kidney Cysts: What Should We Do

Kidney cysts , when enlarged than 3cm, will cause back pain. Besides, patients with kidney cysts are more likely to have kidney stone. These two things both can lead to back pain. What should we do to avoid back pain? To avoid back pain , w...Read More

Can Natural Treatment Improve Kidney Failure with Back Pain

In kidney failure stage, complications will occur and result in a miserable life in patients. what should be used in treating back pain in kidney failure stage? When kidney failed, complications will occur due to the accumulation of toxins...Read More

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