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Can kidney disease heal itself?

2021-12-20 15:22

Can kidney disease heal itself?Have you found that the worse the regeneration ability of the organ, the more difficult the disease of the organ is to treat?

In fact, the treatment of kidney disease is more accurate than "treating the kidney". Drugs cannot repair kidney damage. All nephrotic drugs are to resist or remove various pathogenic substances and pathogenic factors, and try to create conditions for the kidney to heal slowly.

For mild renal injury, such as foot process fusion, basement membrane thickening, mesangial hyperplasia, early focal sclerosis, etc., although the self-healing ability of the kidney is poor, it can barely heal after the drug removes the pathogenic factors, but it takes a long time;

The more serious kidney injury: spherical sclerosis and large-area fibrosis, which can not be healed due to the self-healing ability of the kidney, even on the premise that the drug relieves the pathogenic factors. In other words: advanced kidney disease can not be cured even if the treatment scheme is perfect.

In short: the self-healing ability of kidney is poor, which can be saved only by early treatment.

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