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Can creatinine drop after 350? How to control

2021-12-29 15:35

Can creatinine drop after 350? How to controlHello, teacher, my mother has chronic renal failure, creatinine 350 and urinary protein 3 +. In addition to the drugs prescribed by the hospital, how can I help my mother and control her condition?

Answer: the stage of renal failure usually needs to achieve two controls: "control the increase rate of blood endotoxin level" and "control the deterioration rate of residual renal function". At present, the patient's medication should focus on these two aspects, increase and enhance some drugs to promote blood circulation and toxin metabolism, and some drugs to protect the kidney should also be used. Specific western medicine for kidney disease is good for protecting blood vessels, such as aspirin. Traditional Chinese medicine can assist western medicine to regulate damaged renal function, promote blood circulation, and reduce patients' symptoms, including fatigue, nausea, low back pain and so on.

Many kidney friends do not know how to treat when they develop to the stage of renal failure. Do they continue to keep conservative control or wait for dialysis. Obviously, dialysis can be penetrated at any time, so if the renal function injury is not completely without room for rotation and their own state conditions are good, drug control must be the first choice.

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