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Why does kidney disease appear skin pruritus? Is it getting worse

2022-01-03 16:32

Why does kidney disease appear skin pruritus? Is it getting worseMany kidney friends will have the symptoms of skin pruritus in the process of disease development, which greatly reduces the quality of life. What's going on?

At present, there are mainly two factors in the analysis. On the one hand, after the decline of renal function, the detoxification ability decreases, the excess toxins accumulate in the blood, and more and more will also be deposited on the surface of the skin, which will exude with the sweat pores, causing the change of the surface of the skin, resulting in dry and itchy skin. On the other hand, the decline of renal function leads to electrolyte disorder, the increase of phosphorus in the blood and the change of skin.

Skin pruritus is more frequent and less frequent, which can be regarded as one of the signals of aggravation after the decline of renal function. For this situation, it can be corrected and alleviated. First, take drugs to correct the electrolytic disorder, and second, needle the skin for maintenance. But the most important thing is to detoxify and maintain blood circulation.

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