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Shrink Kidney Cyst in PKD with Natural Treatment

2017-03-23 08:05

Miss Ma, came from Shanxi Province, was diagnosed with PKD and Polycystic liver 12 years ago. She took no actions while she felt no complications. But recently, she felt back pain, mood swing(swirl), fatigue and other complications. This time, she felt it’s time to take actions to treat this disease. So, she came to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital from Shanxi Province.

Hospital examination found that her weight was 74.6kg, abdominal ultrasonography shown right kidney 237*128*103mm, left 140*60*49mm, what’s more, the biggest cyst in right was 68*50mm, and 31*22 in left. Additionally, there was stone in kidney. Actually, there was no complications is due to the cyst is too small to cause any. But with the age grown, immune system was decreased thus lead the cyst growing. The most dangerous thins is that kidney cyst is too big and is easy to lead to a fatal condition. Then, Miss Ma choose Traditional Chinese Medicine to shrink the cyst instead of surgery is based on that the surgery may be dangerous and easy to relapse.

After half a month’s treatment, her back pain was gone, so did swirl and fatigue. Losing weight and shrink the cyst was also the effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Abdominal ultrasonography showed the cyst in right kidney was 220*120*99mm(237*128*103mm BEFORE) and 136*58*48mm in left(140*60*49mm).
Shrink Kidney Cyst in PKD with Natural TreatmentShrink Kidney Cyst in PKD with Natural Treatment

She was astonished of the amazing effect of TCM and feel lucky she insisted to choose Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital as primary.

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