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Q&A for Albuminuria Patients Chapter 28

2017-03-29 09:12

 Q&A for Albuminuria Patients Chapter 28Q: Albuminuria 3+, occult 3+, nothing else, no edema.

A: We suspect the misdiagnose. We suggest you the urine protein electrophoresis, or you can check the element of protein in urine to make sure it is selective proteinuria or not.

Q: NS, membranous nephropathy stage 2 with protein urine 3+, is it cureable?

A:There are three kind of diseases can be clinical cure. One of them are membranous nephropathy stage 2, but it would take some time. But it is impossible on the condition that there are some necrotic glomerulars, while the membranous nephropathy is curable in theory.

Q: Occult 2+ sometimes, and sometimes negative and 3+ in protein urine.

A:Flucutation is normal when kidney disease has not been cured. But there are a trend among them. To identify the trend is good or not, you can draw a curve according the results of urine analyse and protein quality in every month. Good trend indicates the effective of therapy, or vise versa. And obvious fluctuation also means bad effect.

Q: Albuminuria +-, foamy urine, medicinal nephropathy, can not stop medicine.

A: Would you mind tell me something about the medicine that cause kidney damage? Using antibiotic medicine in child? Or some herbal medicine cause kidney damage? Generally, medicine cause damage to tubulointerstitium and the protein quality less than 1g is little or microalbuminuria. And the main damage in early stage is on tubulointerstitium and cause electrolyte disturbance and imbalance of micro-elements such as Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Calcium. Worst condition is that before kidney insufficient occur, the nephrarctia already occur. Hypertension is hardly seen. These are the common ground and most patients suffer from the same, so details about the medicine you used to cause kidney damage is necessary.

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