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Only Medicine Is Far From Therapeutic Effect

2017-03-30 09:16

Doctor, Could you send me some medicine to try?

We can totally under stand the worry of patients that no one like to travel so far without effect. But if medicine can work, doesn’t it mean I have not to be there? If you think that way, please continue our article.

Four-One therapy: is a serious treatment invented by several experts combined with their clinical experience.

Only Medicine Is Far From Therapeutic Effect

Four-One refers to one Maikang Mixture, One oral taken medicine, One external application of Chinese medicine, One foot bath medicine.






Only Medicine Is Far From Therapeutic Effect

1. Maikang Mixture is Chinese patent medicine, major in promoting blood flow and dredging, supplementing qi and activating blood circulation which means restore the circulation of blood, improving the Hypoxic-ischemia of kidney.

As a Chinese patent medicine, it can be delivered, but it mainly used as a supplementary.



Only Medicine Is Far From Therapeutic Effect

2.Oral taken medicine is necessary for patients for daily use. Different to Maikang Mixture, it is customaries according to different habitus which include hundreds of formula. This medicine has the ability of drive turbid poison, remove stasis poison, discharge stagnant poison.

Without seen patients and any methods of diagnose, can we ensure your specific condition and then send you the right medicine?


Only Medicine Is Far From Therapeutic Effect

3. One external application of Chinese medicine. It is used in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that make medicine super finely shattered and then through the use of specific instrument to eliminate medicine into damaged kidney directly. The main function of this medicine is to improve the kidney function, clean the metabolism and protect the kidney from further damage/

It need a specific instruments which can not be transported.


Only Medicine Is Far From Therapeutic Effect

4. One foot bath. It is of importance in Four-One therapy. Chinese medicine think highly of foot bath and has various of treatment based on that.

It can help patients improve the blood circulation in kidney and body, and share the same theory of oral taken medicine.

Four-One therapy is a combined therapy that based on oral taken and external application. The most important function is to stimulate the blood circulation. Only doing that can improve the habitus and strengthen the immune system.

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