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Patient Story about PKD

From the patient story about PKD, we can share their happiness and we hope all the PKD patients could be treated by the proper PKD treatment. > Patient Story >

Even thought Ye is 12 years old, he has 6 years history of kidney disease

6 years ago, Ye was diagnosed as Nephritic Syndrome with protein 3+, occult blood 3+; further biopsy showed minimal change Nephropathy. And then he use hormone to maintain his condition. But effect is not satisfied. Protein in recheck alway...Read More

Reverser Three Years Protein within A Dozen of Days

Miss Kong came from Shandong Province. Edema occur in her legs and diagnosed with proteinuria 3+, 24-hour protein quality 5.68g as Nephritic Syndrome. In past three years, the treatment is extremely simple: hormone +common medicine. First t...Read More

Eight Years Lupus Nephritic Cause Red Porphyry in Face and Body

Jun is a teenager at his 16th. But eight years ago, many red porphyries occurred in his face and body, and other child regarded it as infectious disease and insolated him, did not play with him. This change made an active boy into a silent,...Read More

Reverse the Membranous Nephropathy, Patients Went Home with Health

Miss Lu realized her swelling in legs half a year ago. In local hospital, she was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis with protein2+. Hormone therapy was used to control her condition and release the edema. Three weeks later, edema wa...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome Get Changed in a Patient

Little Yu, an eight years old child, first time he came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital was in fall, 2016. After a serious of examinations, he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Swelling as he was, lying in his fathers arm and w...Read More

Test for Nephritis is Negative, Patients Can Enjoy Their Lunar New Year

Yesterday, we occasionally knew a patient whose name is Sun when we paid a visit on wards. He would leave the hospital in recently. When we chat with him, he was filled with a thousand regrets for he can not attend the Spring Festival Gala...Read More

Reducing the High Creatinine Level and Hormone to Normal, Miss Gong Left Hospital for New Year

Miss Gong, who had try to change her condition last year, but achieved nothing. One year ago, she found the gross hematuria caused by cold and went to the hospital for a physical test. But she was diagnosed with protein urine 2+, blood in u...Read More

Reduce Swelling Remarkably in Nephritic Syndrome

Zheng was a 8 years old boy. But he had kidney disease for 2 years and went to the local hospital twice. In his first swelling at the eyelid, he was diagnosed with kidney syndrome. The local doctor gave him some hormones for 10 days to redu...Read More

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