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Patient Story about PKD

From the patient story about PKD, we can share their happiness and we hope all the PKD patients could be treated by the proper PKD treatment. > Patient Story >

Breathing Difficulties in Polycystic Kidney Disease Approach to Death

Breathing difficulties in polycystic kidney disease approach to death. Is that true? To know this answer, reading the following real case can help you to solve this problem. Lately, Mr.Smith suddenly found that he felt breathing difficultie...Read More

Effective Treatments to Lower Creatinine 280 for PKD Patients

Whats the effective treatments to lower creatinine 280 for PKD patients? Now, to solve your problem, I would like to share a real case with you. A male patient named Peter, 61 years old, comes from Belgium. He suffered from polycystic kidne...Read More

The Natural Therapy Brings the New Hope for Kidney Disease Patient

Here is a real patients example, I want to share with everyone. The natural therapy brings the new hope for kidney disease patient. Do you want to know? Now follow me. A female patient named Terrisa, from Philippines. She has been suffering...Read More

Creatinine 4.7, Right Kidney Shrunk, How to Avoid Dialysis

My father is a chronic kidney disease patient, and his latest test report show creatinine 4.7, right kidney shrunk, are there some alternative treatments to avoid dialysis?...Read More

PKD Patient: Seek for New Hope and Live a Normal Life

A female patient named Latifa, 52 years old, from Morocco. She suffered from polycystic kidney disease for about 24 years, stage 4 kidney failure(GFR 19) and polycystic liver disease....Read More

Stories of Patients with PKD

Our PKD Clinic applies the latest treatments for Polycystic Kidney Disease. Read on and find the stories of patients with PKD in our clinic. Our Featured Therapy We mainly use the Chinese Medicine to control the cysts on the kidneys. Our fe...Read More

“It Shrinks 3.5cm!”--A PKD Patient Story From Nepal

Kishor Sainiju suffered from Polycystic Kidney Disease for more than 20y years. He said: I have no choice, but kidney transplant or endless dialysis, if I stay in my own country. by the grace of God , I found your hospital and I am glad tha...Read More

A Wonderful Mid-autumn Festival Experience in China

Mid-autumn day is a significant day China, and all family members will get together to celebrate this special day. Frankly speaking, taking good care of the patients are the responsibility of doctors and nurses, so they choose to stay with...Read More

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