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Patient Story about PKD

From the patient story about PKD, we can share their happiness and we hope all the PKD patients could be treated by the proper PKD treatment. > Patient Story >

A Big Party Held by Kidney Disease Patients and Doctors

I am a Polycystic Kidney Disease patient and have met numerous doctors and nurses. Only in this hospital, I feel I am treated as a family member more than a kidney patient. Today, I hold a great party with my doctors, nurses and some other p...Read More

One PKD Patient from Greece Come to China for Osmotherapy

Name: Stefanos Country: Greece Age: 44 years old Gender: Male Diagnosis: PKD- Polycystic Kidney Disease, high creatinine level Stefanoss words: If you have PKD, you should give a chance to this hospital to improve your health, so you can li...Read More

Renal Failure: Can I Stop Dialysis

I have ever thought that dialysis and kidney transplant is my only choice to survive. It is the comprehensive treatment in China that give me a new hope to get rid of dialysis. Here, I am very grateful to my doctors and nurses Tima Kaeyo fr...Read More

Renal Failure Patient: Super Doctor Wang Gives Me a New Hope

I am from Fiji and have been tormented by renal failure for many years.After consulting doctor about this treatment in detail, I decide to leave Fiji for China for my new treatment. Here, I must to say it is this opportunity that I meet supe...Read More

Kidney Failure Patient: How Excited I Am to Have Urine Again

Six months ago, I can’t urinate and my condition develops kidney failure. Fortunately, I find a treatment, called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which gives me a big hope....Read More

A PKD Patient: How I Wish My Kidney Cyst Can Shrink

I come from America and was diagnosed with PKD in 2006. You cant image how I wish my kidney cyst can shrink. During these years, I am losing kidney function gradually due to continuous enlargement of my kidneys due to the growing cysts. The...Read More

A PKD Mother Turns to Facebook for Kidney Transplant

A Dracut mom with PKD turned to Facebook for a kidney transplant. Gauthier’s kidneys were failing her and after two years on a donor list she decided to turn to Facebook in hopes of finding a match....Read More

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