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PKD Patients Can also Have 100% Healthy Babies

2018-07-15 07:38

PKD Patients Can also Have 100% Healthy BabiesPKD patients can also have 100% healthy babies? These two examinations can help you.

We all know that PKD is a genetic kidney disease, which can pass down from generation to generation. Do you want to have a healthy baby? In this article, let’s have a quick look.

First of all, let’s see what is PKD.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is classified into two kinds. One is dominant inheritance, the other one is recessive inheritance. For most PKD patients, they are the first one. Though they usually have symptoms between 20 and 50 years old, they are born with renal cysts. Therefore, So you can predict your child's health before they are born.

Child with recessive inheritance will die when they are still babies. It is really lucky if two people with recessive inheritance get married. They also want a healthy baby. What to do?

Patients with early stage PKD usually do not have very serious clinical symptoms. Therefore, impact on the fertility is not very big, and I would not say the pregnancy condition repeatedly. Now let’s talk about how to give birth to a healthy baby.

1. Gene Screening

Since it is said that polycystic kidney is hereditary disease, if gene can be checked directly, you can certainly judge whether the child is healthy or not.

This is true. At 10-23 weeks’ pregnancy, cyst gene detection of amniotic fluid cells or chorionic villous cells can be done. Molecular genetic testing can help polycystic kidney families choose a healthy child, and the child will no longer carry disease-causing genes, and then their children don't have to worry about the disease.

2. Four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound

We have mentioned above that renal cysts have form in fetus stage, so we can direct "see" through four dimensional colour doppler ultrasound whether kids have polycystic kidneys or not. Besides, it can also see other parts of the body development situation to ensure that you can have a healthy baby.

Now you know that PKD patients can have a 100% healthy baby. If you still have any other questions on PKD, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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