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PKD and Blood In Urine

2013-03-22 14:54

Blood in urine is a sign of PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) which is a genetic kidney disorder and characterized by a cluster of fluid-filled cysts in kidney. In PKD, blood appears in urine when big cyst ruptures, so stopping kidney cyst from enlarging is very important.

What to do with blood urine caused by PKD?

In PKD, blood urine is just a clinical manifestation that can be caused by kidney cyst rupture. Usually, blood urine symptom caused by cyst ruptures in PKD disappear within one week and it is not life-threatening. However, with blood in urine, you must realize that you may suffer from some other problems:

1. When cyst ruptures, fluid will flow here and there. If the ruptured cyst happen to grow in the outer part of the kidney, fluid is very likely to flow into enterocoelia, and thus cause peritonitis which is a serious illness condition with symptoms like nausea, vomit, abdominal pain and fever and so on. With severe enterocoelia, polycystic kidney disease patients need to go to their doctors for medical measures. Also, if necessary, a surgery can be adopted to deal with it.

2. In PKD, blood in urine also can be accompanied with kidney infection which can worsen kidney condition and accelerate polycystic kidney disease develop to kidney failure. Therefore, when blood urine symptom occurs, patients should be alert about kidney infection. Antibiotics are helpful in kidney infection.

How to prevent blood urine symptom with polycystic kidney disease?

Since rupture of kidney cyst is a common cause of blood urine, preventing big cysts from bursting is very necessary and beneficial. For PKD patients with small cysts, they can stop the enlargement of cyst with Chinese medicines which take herbs as material and cause no side effects. Effective ingredients in Chinese medicines can stimulate lining cells and make them adsorb more fluids. In this way, cystic fluids can be reduced and cyst can be shrunk. Besides, for PKD patients with big cysts, aside from shrinking kidney cyst, they also need to pay special attention on their kidney location part. A mild knock on the kidney location will cause the rupture of cyst, so it is better for them to avoid movements which need them to twist their waist and sports that may cause knock on their back.

PKD is incurable as we can not help patients remove their abnormal gene. However, with overall preventive measures, occurrence of lots of unnecessary problems like blood urine can be delayed or avoided effectively.

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