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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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5 Suggestions for Dialysis Patients to Stay Away from Heart Disease

Clinical data show that it is not uremia that threatens the life of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), but the complications of kidney disease, including non-dialysis kidney patients and patients with dialysis and kidney transplant...Read More

Creatinine Levels Are Increasing After Kidney Transplant: What Does It Mean

Question: My brother had kidney transplant 10 years ago. Recently his creatinine levels are increasing beyond normal level. What does it mean? How to reduce the creatinine level? Answer: Creatinine level is an indicator of kidney function....Read More

If on Dialysis, Can Your Kidneys Get Better

If on dialysis, can your kidneys get better? Not a few kidney failure patients have the similar question before. Here I have to tell you that dialysis is only a kidney replacement treatment rather than kidney repair treatment. With dialysis...Read More

How to Recover Weakness After Dialysis

Many dialysis patients feel weak after dialysis. How to recover? With this question, lets go on reading this article. Why do you feel weak after dialysis? Weakness is a common side effect of dialysis. It may result from anemia, physical ina...Read More

What Can I Do to Slow Down the Process of Kidney Function 17%

When kidney function is below 15%, Kidney Failure is diagnosed. No one wants that result. What can I do to slow down the process of Kidney Function 17%? In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we mainly use Traditional Chines...Read More

Is Transplant the Only Thing Renal Failure Has to Live By

Many Renal Failure patients are told by their doctors that kidney transplant is the only way to live by. However, it is not the truth. In the past 30 years, we have successfully helped several Kidney Failure patients stop dialysis and they...Read More

What Treatment Can I Take for Failing Kidney Functions

Our kidneys are responsible for producing urine, thus filtering blood wastes and maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance and regular blood pressure, etc. When they are damaged can cannot work normally, many symptoms occur. What treatment...Read More

Shortness of Breath in Stage 5 Kidney Disease:Cause and Treatment

Stage 5 Kidney Disease, also called Kidney Failure means that at most 15% kidney function is left. Due to fluid-retention and toxins accumulation, other organs and systems are affected. This article is specially about the cause and treatmen...Read More

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