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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Under Four Circumstances, Kidney Patients Run A High Risk of Death

Under what circumstances would kidney patients be in danger? Many people may think of kidney failure or uremia. In fact, single kidney disease is not dangerous at all. As long as you protect your kidneys well, you can lead a normal life. Th...Read More

Kidney Failure and Constipation

Lets see a case firstly. Li, 28 years old, has been suffering from kidney disease for three years and is chronically constipated. Although he has tried many remedies, he can only get temporary relief. At this time, he did not have bowel mov...Read More

Do Not Only Focus on Creatinine Level with Kidney Failure

According to years of clinical experience, the fundamental purpose of treating kidney failure is not to reduce creatinine, but to protect renal function, retain remaining kidney units, regulate immunity, repair damaged kidney tissue and imp...Read More

How Does Proteinuria Cause Kidney Damage

Most kidney patients deal with urinary protein from the time they develop kidney disease, and not until uremia they can not get rid of urinary protein. Because they are so familiar with urinary protein that they usually lower their guard an...Read More

Proteinuria Is An Accelerator for Kidney Failure

The progression of renal function in most patients is very slow, and only few people will develop renal failure. In most patients, renal function can remain stable for a long time. The biggest concern for them is not uremia, but acute progr...Read More

Is Anaemia Indicative of Kidney Failure

Does Anemia indicate kidney failure? 3 methods help you treat anemia well. When anemia is under control, your complications will be reduced greatly. Anaemia is very common in patients with chronic kidney disease, and the incidence increases...Read More

These 6 Signs Mean Uremia Is Coming

How much do you know about your kidneys? There are usually two kidneys in each body, and each kidney is composed of millions of nephrons, which play a role in regulating water, electrolytes and pH balance. Besides, it is also an important o...Read More

Blood in Urine, Swelling in Feet 6 Years: Is That Kidney Failure

The diagnosis of each stage of Chronic Kidney Disease, including Kidney Failure also called Renal Failure should be based on the blood test report. They symptoms overlap between them. Blood in urine and 6 years of swelling in feet are indee...Read More

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