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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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How Long Will I Live After A Kidney Transplant

As we all know, kidney transplant is a commonly used kidney replacement treatment for kidney failure patients to maintain life. How long will I live after a kidney transplant? Read this article to find out the answer. Lifespan of transplant...Read More

Creatinine Level Continues to Increase on Dialysis: What Can We Do

Question: What can we do if my father undergoes dialysis, but his creatinine level continues to increase, now is 900. Answer: Dialysis is a commonly used treatment for kidney failure patients, but this is only a kidney replacement treatment...Read More

Dialysis Patients with Creatinine 550-650 and Urea 22: How to Avoid Dialysis

Question: Im a dialysis patient since about three months ago. How can I avoid dialysis? My creatinine level is about 550 to 650. My urea level also high, sometimes going up to 22. Answer: You said you have been on dialysis for only 3 months...Read More

Creatinine Levels Are Increasing After Kidney Transplant: What Does It Mean

Question: My brother had kidney transplant 10 years ago. Recently his creatinine levels are increasing beyond normal level. What does it mean? How to reduce the creatinine level? Answer: Creatinine level is an indicator of kidney function....Read More

If on Dialysis, Can Your Kidneys Get Better

If on dialysis, can your kidneys get better? Not a few kidney failure patients have the similar question before. Here I have to tell you that dialysis is only a kidney replacement treatment rather than kidney repair treatment. With dialysis...Read More

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