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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Can Diabetes Patients Drink Liquors

Patient with diabetes may have habit in drinking liquor. Can they still drink that when in diabetes of which doctor will ask them to control diet and living conditions and forbid the artificial sugar intake and keep a low salt diet. Diabete...Read More

Controlling Diabetes with the Following Numbers

Do you often feel you have a bad memory? And can not remember so many index in diabetes? Do not worry, there are some key index that you see them once, you can remember. When you remember, you can use them, you will control your diabetes wi...Read More

Three Things May Kill Diabetes Patients Stay Away From Them

Diabetes is not a severe disease. If control well, it will not affect normal life. But if suffer form stupor, it will be a bad one, because weather you can weak up is not a clear message. Ketoacidosis is a main cause of diabetes patients st...Read More

Diabetics Develop into Diabetic Nephritis: Let This Patients Tell You How to Reduce Protein Urine

Finally, protein urine is negative. Said Mr. Li with thankful, who hands a flag to our doctor. Li is a diabetic nephropathy patients for many years. At first, his blood sugar is high and only takes medicine to control it without exam the ki...Read More

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