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The application of Chinese herbs has become a breakthrough in the filed of PKD treatment. Through shrinking cysts and enhancing kidney function, dialysis and kidney transplant are not the only choices any more. > Treatment Options > Western Medicine

Western Medicine

Western Medicine

Western medicines are widely applied to treat or prevent persons' diseases. Western Medicine therapy is used to describe the treatment of medical conditions with western medicine. The doctor will prescribe different kinds and doses of medicines according to the person's disease condition.

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Different medicines have different effects

According to the pesticide effect, those medicines are divided into about 11 kinds such as anti-infective drugs, narcotics, psychiatric drugs, antitumor drugs, cardiovascular drugs, respiratory drugs, digestive drugs, etc.

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Which kind of medicine helps treat PKD or Renal Cysts

Since patients with PKD or Renal Cysts may not be treated thoroughly by western medicine therapy, these medicines are mainly used to control their complications. According to their complications, they use the relative medicine.

High blood pressure: Keeping blood pressure under control can slow the effects of PKD or Renal Cysts. Patients with one of these two diseases prefer ACEI, ARB or CCB in their treatment. Lifestyle changed and various medications can also help lower high blood pressure. Patients should choose the appropriate method to reduce their high blood pressure.

Infections: Urinary tract infections and cyst infections are both common complications. Patients with urinary tract infections should seek treatment immediately. Antibiotics can be used to control these infections. Sensitive antibiotics may play a better curative effect.

Pain: Cyst infection, bleeding into cysts, kidney stone, or others all can contribute to pains in the area of the kidneys. Over-the-counter pain medications, such as aspirin or acetaminophen, may be suggested by the doctor to remit patients' pain. It is very necessary to consult your doctor before taking any over-the-counter medication, because some may be harmful to the kidneys.

Bleeding: There are three types of bleeding in the person with PKD or renal cysts: capsule hemorrhage, cyst bleeding and under the renal capsule bleeding. To these three types of bleeding, the common hemostatic is unable to play a big effect. In that case, surgery or dialysis may be helpful.

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What should we pay attention to when using western medicine

Almost every kind of medicines has side effects, and many medicines can't be used together. In addition, all medicines have a strict medication guide, for example, some of them require the patient stopping smoking and drinking. Hence, you should take the medicine correctly.

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